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Dear Leanne & Glenn,
May I take this opportunity of thanking you for the great job done by Mick and Glenn in demolishing our house, taking out trees and removing the asbestos fences.
We were impressed with the way that you were able to remove such large trees and their roots without damage to the nearby trees or the fences close to them.
The guys have such incredible fine control of the excavator that they could just about pick flowers with them!
I appreciate how the house rubble and the extensive reticulation piping and roots throughout the back yard were sieved out leaving a very clean and flat site.

The pool contractor found it a breeze digging the pool in with his small bobcat, whilst the neighbours seem happy you did not start too early, damage the fences or cause any fuss in the street.
Thanks for your great communication and for doing the job reliably and on time.

– With best wishes,
Stephen and Elizabeth Langford. 

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